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Yoga Playground DVD Age 3-7 | Updog Downdog Yoga Age 7-12 | Shanti Generation Age 6-17

Yoga Playground

Leah Kalish, MA, is founder of Yoga Playgrounds and a recognized expert and national speaker / trainer for health and empowerment through yoga and creative play.  She produced the classroom play-along DVD Pizza Party and as former Program Director of Yoga Ed., she co-created all Yoga Ed. curriculums, trainings and products.  She co-authored the Yoga Pretzel and Planet Decks for Barefoot Books and the Yoga Kit for Kids for Imaginazium, and is the featured instructor in Gaiam’s Yoga Fitness for Kids videos.

Lisa Detamore B.S. Speech Pathology Audiology -West Virginia University. Lisa began her Yoga training at Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio and was a member of the first Yoga Ed graduating class. One of her first assignments was teaching children and she never looked back. For the past 7 years she has taught Yoga to children at the Samuel Goldwyn Day Care Center and at the St. James Daycare Center. Lisa is the mother of 3 boys and lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Pizza Party DVD for Ages 3-7

This fun and engaging instructional DVD provides a cost-effective, indoor yoga playground for young children (ages 3 – 7) with 5 / 7 / 20 minute activity options.  Produced by Leah Kalish and taught by, Lisa Detamore, Pizza Party leads children through a yoga-based creative movement class that gives them the exercise and play they both crave and need. All of your dreams can come real with 5 pound deposit bingo sites. Most the wide range of modern gambling is waiting available for you!

The benefits of participation are enhanced awareness, coordination, balance, focus, fitness and self-control.  No extra equipment or supervision are required.

Pizza Party offers a balanced combination of active play and reflective activities that are imagery rich and PE standards based.   Children flow through guided movement routines that integrate yoga poses and include breathing, singing, balancing, pretending, strengthening, stretching, relaxation and visualization.  Activities both energize, building coordination and confidence, and calm, nurturing focus and peacefulness.  Regular participation supports brain-based learning and the preschooler’s natural need to explore, observe, imitate, manipulate, and master his/her world via movement and play.

Pizza Party offers kids:

  • Fun, Indoor Active Play and Pretend
  • Development of Coordination, Strength, Balance
  • Enhancement of Self-Awareness / Social Skills
  • Peaceful Well-Being

Pizza Party offers Teachers / Parents:

  • Fun Activities for Transitions
  • Proven Techniques to Calm and Focus
  • Enhancement of Learning Readiness and Self-Regulation
  • Effective Behavior Management

When adults value play and exercise with children, they lay a foundation for their lifetime health.  Regular use of Pizza Party, 3-5 times a week, is recommended.  Pick a suitable time in your daily routine.  Provide a clean, safe space and pop in the DVD.  You can allow children to play along by themselves; you can follow-along with them, or watch and encourage them.

In the DVD, we are on carpet.  If you have a hard floor, we suggest some kind of mat. We use sheets of colorful felt to mark each child’s place.  This works well with a group as it keeps children from bumping into each other and develops their spatial awareness. 

As children learn the routines, pause throughout the day for yoga breaks.  Remind them to re-connect with themselves by breathing deeply, moving into their tall (yoga body) posture and moving in a slow, mindful way.  Re-energize your self and them by moving and stretching.  When they get frustrated, upset or angry, invite them to support themselves with techniques learned from the DVD.  Practicing yoga poses and tools at transition times to help children shift and regroup between activities more easily and effectively. 

The 7-minute Energize and Focus option is ideal for before leaving the house, circle time, after nap or rest time or before outside time.  Sharing this mind-body awakening routine as a community is a great way to connect with each other and integrate mind and body in order to move into a learning-ready state. 

The 5-minute Relaxation-Visualization option can be used anytime children are tired, wound up, tense or trying too hard. Young children especially need plenty of time throughout the day to stop doing, rest and just BE.  This passive “being” time will enhance their health and development.   Play this option before nap or rest time to support self-nurturing.  Do it between activities to give children the time they need to process and reconnect with them selves before moving on.  When children regularly relax and visualize, they are more peaceful and aware.

Shanti Generation Yoga-Recess in Schools 

Mission Statement
Shanti Generation is committed to cultivating a generation of peacemakers through leadership training in yoga, compassionate communication, peer-teaching and conscious social action. SGF provides young people access to empowering educational opportunities for learning critical skills to become social change agents. SGF is also committed to providing teachers and parents interactive opportunities for integrating mindfulness in classrooms, at home and in their own lives.  We provide wellness retreats, professional development and workshops geared specifically to the needs of parents and teachers.

Shanti Generation envisions social and emotional wellness in schools and the world. In our vision, teachers, youth and parents are powerful, creative participants in the development of rich learning environments that foster social and ecological responsibility. Shanti Generation is dedicated to the empowerment of youth, teachers and parents through intercultural educational opportunities to cultivate skills for co-creating personal wellness, social justice and global peace consciousness.

Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers DVD

DVD Features Include:
– Pathways: 5 unique half hour practices
– Library of Poses: 18 mini-sequences
– Breathing Room: 5 breathing exercises
– Self-Connection: 2 mindful awareness practices
–  Interviews with teen yoga students
– Spanish and Japanese Translations

I’ve been amazed how well the DVD has been received by my class. They now regularly ask for this one over my other DVDs, and are more eager than ever to do Monday morning yoga! I highly recommend it for anyone who works with or has children between 7-16 years old.
4th Grade Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC

I love the Shanti Generation DVD! I teach teens and tweens and this DVD really appeals
to them. The music and presentation of the DVD make it fun for kids of all ages. I also
like how the kids do the yoga and explain how yoga helps to support their well being and
health. I highly recommend this DVD for kids and their teachers too!
Lynne Ogren, Youth Yoga Teacher

UpdogDownDog Yoga Yoga-Recess in Schools

Jules Hogan is founder of Updog DownDog Yoga with many years experience teaching children of all ages a playful version of yoga-based exercise. Yoga-Recess was filmed in an actual elementary classroom without much room setup (only chairs and tables were moved slightly). The children did not have any prior yoga experience and filming was very spontaniously to ensure a “normal” classroom environment. Yoga-Recess is a great tool for any school teacher to incorporate yoga-based fitness and health education into classrooms.



Yoga-Recess Partners, Yoga Playground, Shanti Generation, Updog Downdog Yoga, Playful Planet Storyland DVD

Yoga Health Foundation yoga-based mind body fitness health education in schools, preK, kindergarten, elementary schools, high schools

Yoga Health Foundation yoga-based mind body fitness health education in schools, preK, kindergarten, elementary schools, high schools
Yoga Health Foundation yoga-based mind body fitness health education in schools, preK, kindergarten, elementary schools, high schools

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